Please note that our search report is made subject to the accuracy and completeness of both the official records and the computerised search module available at the South African Trade Marks Office. Furthermore, the search covers only trade marks which have been registered or are the subject of pending applications as at the date that the search was conducted. It is not possible to include trade marks which, although not on the Register, are in use for the same or similar goods and/or services and which may give rise to rights enforceable at common law or be the subject of a later conflicting application based on such prior use. It is also not possible to include trade marks subsequently filed in South Africa and claiming priority from an earlier corresponding application filed during the preceding six months in another country.

There is no cross-referencing between the Register of Trade Marks and Registers of Companies and Close Corporations. If this trade mark is to be used as a trading style, consideration must be given to conducting a search at the Companies Office. Furthermore, please note that this search does not include a cross-check against the database of South African domain name registrations.

Our search report is based only on the use and registration provisions of the Trade Marks Act. There may be other relevant legislation with which you may need to comply, which may prohibit the use of the trade mark in general, or require compliance with regulatory provisions on for example labels, packaging, brochures etc. If you require any clarification or elaboration on these issues, please let us know and we will provide you with further information.