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When does a Trademark need to be Renewed?

A trademark renewal is required every 10 years. This 10 year period runs for the date that the trademark was initially filed.

Unlike a patent, a trademark can be renewed every 10 years in perpetuity.

How will you know when a Trademark Renewal is Due?:

If our incredibly efficient postal service doesn’t lose your renewal notice in the process, around 6 months before you trademark is due to expire, a renewal notice will be sent to the address for services that was used in your trademark application 10 years earlier. Hopefully, you still have access to that address!

Our Package and Payment Options:

We charge R1,000.00 per class (per trademark) to renew.

Below, simply select how many classes (trademarks) you would like to renew, and on the final screen of the checkout process, you may upload the renewal notices. If you would prefer, you may also email us the notices once we make contact with you.

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