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Step into the future of brand protection! Trademark registration isn’t just crucial—it’s the cornerstone for every blossoming business.

Our trademark specialists streamline both the search and registration, ensuring your brand, slogan, or logo receives unparalleled protection.

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  • Before you file your trademark: Our groundbreaking AI-powered search delivers comprehensive availability results to your inbox within minutes, so you know whether you can register your trademark without having to wait for search results (unless you select to have one of our human attorneys rather conduct a comprehensive search for you); and
  • After you file your trademark: We have South Africa’s most advanced process automation system, accelerating trademark applications to registration by as much as 9 months.

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We pride ourselves on having a super quick turnaround time without sacrificing on quality. We boast the most automated trade mark registration system around to expedite your trade mark registration.

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All of our lawyers are young, dynamic and ambitious- with the necessary expertise to match. They have been specifically selected for their ability to harness technology to deliver our clients efficient and value based legal solutions across the spectrum of service offerings.


Our tech-savvy, freelance lawyers and legal experts don't have the traditional high overhead costs of normal law firms, or the obligatory German automobiles, allowing for far more affordable legal services, at transparent fixed prices.

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We believe in certainty and value-based legal services, and this means no hourly rates! Only clear, upfront costs.

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Frequently asked questions

A trade mark is simply a sign that serves to distinguish your business’ goods or services from those of other business’ goods or services, and prevents others from using names, words, slogans, logo’s etc. which are the same as, or confusingly similar to, yours.

By registering your trade mark, you obtain the exclusive rights to use your name, slogan or logo in your industry.

Common trade marks include the following:

  • Word Marks:
    • Company names;
    • Product names;
    • Slogans; and/or
  • Logos.

Around 18 to 24 months. Unfortunately this timeframe is out of our control.

At least 12 years post qualification experience.

Everything from filing until registration. 

Only instances of oppositions to your trade mark, or when a trade mark is refused and you would like for the refusal to be overturned, are additional fees called upon.

  • First and foremost, a registered trademark is an asset of the company that owns such trademark, with the following benefits, amongst others:

    • The trademark may be pledged, for example, to a bank, in order for a loan to be granted to the trademark owner; and
    • In the case of a franchise, a trademark, amongst others, may be licensed out to the franchisee by the franchisor. For instance, franchises such as Steers will license their trademarks, which consists, at the very least, of their brand name, slogan, and logo to the franchisee, in order that the franchisee may use such trademarks when operating their Steers franchise business.

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Legal Legends was born out of our frustration for the way things have always been done in the corporate legal world. Think bogus expenses that include partner bonuses and equity splits, intellectual property “kickers”, customised stationery, prime (rented) real estate in high rise Sandton buildings, gourmet coffee and biscuits, hourly rates shrouded in mystery, a bill received for every call made and email sent, and a lawyer who is as hard to get hold of as President Ramaphosa himself.


With our innovative ecommerce interface, we give you access to a wide range of corporate, commercial, intellectual property and labour legal services, at fixed upfront prices – the way legal services should be! We ensure that quality of the services delivered are of the highest standard and at a price that is understandable and affordable.

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