Template Website Terms of Service

A Website Terms of Service (a.k.a. Terms and Conditions) sets out the relationship between you (the site owner) and the users of your website, and what they can and cannot do on your website.

Fit For

General informational websites


No, standardised for informational websites only


Prepared by an attorney with at least 12 years post qualification experience

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The template contains, among others, some of the following aspects:

    • Intellectual property: That you, the website owner, own all the intellectual property to the content on your website;
    • What a user cannot do on the website, such as, planting viruses, mining data, gaining unauthorised access, scraping the website etc.
    • User content which is uploaded to the website, and that a user warrants that they are not infringing any rights in uploading such content;
    • That personal information will only be used or processes with a user’s consent;
    • That if the website links to other websites, you do not control the content on the other website;
    • That you as the website owner limit your liability and that a user indemnifies you of any liability.

As this is a template, it is designed for informational websites only. It isn’t unfortunately suited for eCommerce websites, social media sites, applications and the like.

For more complex websites, applications and the like we would suggest that you order our custom Terms and Conditions.