Template POPI Act Workplace Policy

A POPI Act Workplace Policy is a policy which binds your staff members in terms of the POPI Act to act in accordance with the POPI Act.

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All South African organisations


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Initially prepared by an Attorney of no less than 12 years post qualification experience

Benefits of a POPI Act Workplace Policy

FAQ's regarding our Template POPI Act Workplace Policy

Our Template POPI Act Workplace Policy is a ready to go, out of the box solution, and is a Policy which binds your staff members in terms of the POPI Act with regard to at least the following:

  • Principles pertaining to the lawful processing of Personal Information;
  • Generally what personal information of your customers/clients they might come into contact with;
  • Generally how such personal information may be treated internally, stored and processed;
  • Generally what such personal information may be used for;
  • Generally, who with, and in what circumstances, this personal information may be shared.

The template is delivered to you in Word document format and is fully editable by you.

Our unique table at the start of the agreement will allow you to customise the Services Agreement to your needs.

Among others, the template Services Agreement contains clauses related to the following:

  • What services are to be provided;
  • What is the process to follow if these services, fees or delivery times were to change mid-contract;
  • During what times will the  services be provided (if applicable);
  • The start date and end date of the agreement (if applicable);
  • If a deposit is payable (if applicable);
  • What are the fees payable, and how they will be paid;
  • Provisions to ensure that any intellectual property created will remain yours;
  • The process and notice period to end the agreement (if applicable);
  • Confidentiality provisions;
  • Provisions preventing the client from “poaching” your staff;
  • Limitation of your liability and indemnifying yourself and company from liability;
  • Breach and dispute provisions;
  • And a lot more.

We would suggest that this only be used for companies with 5 or less employees. Although suitable for larger organisations, our custom solution would always be a better fit.