Template Distribution Agreement

A Distribution Agreement is an agreement which manages the relationship between a supplier / manufacturer of products and another party, the distributor, that markets and sells those products.

Fit For

Most distribution relationships


Yes, to your specific needs


Prepared by an attorney with no less than 12 years post qualification experience

Benefits of our Template Distribution Agreement

FAQ's regarding our Template Distribution Agreement

Our template Distribution Agreement allows for an inexpensive way in which almost all aspects of the relationship between supplier and distributor may be regulated, by providing a unique table at the start of the Distribution Agreement which allows for you to customise parts of the agreement that you would like to include, exclude or vary.

Over many years of preparing Distribution Agreements, we have hand selected and included in this template Distribution Agreement, all the best possible provisions to efficiently and effectively regulate such a relationship.

The template is delivered to you in Word document format and is fully editable by you.

Our unique table at the start of the agreement will allow you to customise the Distribution Agreement to your needs.

Among others, the template Distribution Agreement will contain clauses related to the following:

  • What products are being distributed;
  • Whether it is an exclusive arrangement or not;
  • Territory of distribution;
  • Distribution targets;
  • Payment terms;
  • Suggested selling price provisions;
  • Procedures to handle disputes;
  • Confidentiality provisions;
  • And a lot more.