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A Data Protection Policy regulates how you may deal with the personal information that you collect from outside parties

A Data Protection Policy is an important document, required in essence by law by the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPI Act”) .

It is a policy, which may be hosted online or attached to another agreement, which your customers, suppliers, agents, independent contractors and/or other external parties need to agreed to if you collect any personal information from them. It regulates the manner in which the personal information you collect from them may be accessed, processed and in some instances shared.

POPI Act compliance deadline was 1 July 2021

With the date to have complied with the POPI Act being 1 July 2021, it has become more essential than ever to ensure that the manner in which your business collects, processes, and shares personal information is in compliance with the POPI Act and the European GDPR laws.

Our template Data Protection Policy sets out typically what we would regard as necessary for such a policy, but allows for your edits and insertions throughout.

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