Template Data Breach Policy

A Data Breach Policy helps you and your employees deal with real or suspected breaches of the data / personal information you hold, and makes sure the correct procedures are followed to report and contain any breaches.

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All South African organisations


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Prepared by an attorney with no less than 12 years post qualification experience

Benefits of our template Data Breach Policy

FAQ's regarding our template Data Breach Policy

Our templatised Data Breach Policy is an easy solution to put in place the procedures for when / if the data / personal information in your possession is accessed by someone who shouldn’t. It ensures that:

  • Your employees adhere to a specific procedure when they suspect or become aware of any data breach;
  • Investigations into actual and suspected breaches are carried out; and
  • Data breaches are reported properly, either to the Information Regulator and/or the people whose data has been breached.