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Most businesses require the services of an independent contractor / sub-contractor or consultant, which is not an employee of the business. For example, if you offer advertising services, but your expertise is not in digital advertising, but you still require digital advertising services, you might decide to appoint an independent contractor to provide digital marketing services to your clients.

Alternatively, you might be the principal contractor providing certain services to your clients which you would like to outsource to a sub-contractor or consultant .

An independent contractor / sub-contractor or consultant may be used for a single project or task, or may be used on an ongoing basis.

There are many variations of this form of arrangement. These usually arise as a result of the complexity or specialised nature of a skill required to execute the contract. Our legendary lawyers will help custom craft an Independent Contractor / Sub-Contractor / Consulting Agreement to meet your unique business needs.

100% money back guarantee

If you aren’t happy with our custom Independent Contractor / Sub-Contractor Agreement / Consulting Agreement, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you have any queries now, feel free to give us a call on 011 083 8332 or initiate a live chat on the bottom of this page.

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