About the Service

Website Development - Service Level Agreement

Being partial web designers ourselves (but mostly attorneys) we understand what is required from both a technical and legal perspective when you on board a new client to do their web development.

Among other things in website and software development projects, scope creep from a client can become a real hack. This means that out of the initial functionality you intend to develop for the client’s website or other software development project, the client continuously shifts the goal posts, leaving you to render far more hours than you had initially bargained for, with no extra reward. So this needs to be guarded against.

What are the benefits:

  • Custom fitted agreement built to suit the unique needs of your web design or development business;
  • Reusable for all your customers and future projects, unless of course, you would like it to apply to one customer or project only.
  • Regulates all aspects of your engagement with the customer from the scope of what your services entail, to the payment payment terms, to what happens in instances of scope variation, and of course, liability indemnification for any security breaches of the website, server downtime, and much more.
  • Protects your interests from clients who do not play ball;

The Different Components

Software developers normally provide both once of projects, as well as ongoing projects. As such, we like to structure this package where there is an over-arching Service Level Agreement which applies to both types of project. Then, depending on whether the development is once off or ongoing, will determine which schedule (once of development or ongoing development/maintenance) is attached to the Service Level Agreement.

We will prepare the overarching Service Level Agreement as well as both the Once Off Project Development Schedule and the Ongoing/Maintenance Development schedule for you.