Website Design/Software Development and/or Maintenance Agreement

This form of agreement is effectively a Services Agreement in terms of which a software developer develops software and/or maintains it.

R8,050.00 inc. VAT

Fit For

All software / website developments or maintenance engagements


Yes, to your specific needs


Prepared by an attorney of no less than 12 years post qualification experience

Common benefits of a Software Services Agreement

FAQ's regarding Software Services Agreement

This service involves custom preparing a Software Services Agreement to your exact needs.

Software developers normally provide both once off projects, as well as ongoing projects. As such, we like to structure this package where there is an over-arching Service Level Agreement which applies to both types of projects. Then, depending on whether the development is once off or ongoing, we will determine which schedule (once off development or ongoing development/maintenance) is attached to the Service Level Agreement, or both.

We will prepare the overarching Service Level Agreement as well as both the Once Off Project Development Schedule and the Ongoing/Maintenance Development schedule for you, if and to the extent required.