About the Service

So you’re one of those humans doing really amazing things for a great cause, despite the alarm bells of state capture ringing in your ears. Congratulations- we are really stoked to be able to help you achieve your goals and support you in your cause and in the registration of your Non-Profit Company, especially since we are fighting a crusade of our own- so we feel you.

Importantly, registering a company creates a separate legal personality for the entity. This is particularly important for a non profit Company. Carefully constructing the operating mandate through the memorandum of incorporation.

An NPC requires at least three incorporators and three directors and may be registered with or without members,  but if you choose to register it without members, the NPC must have a customised memorandum of incorporation.

Further, the company must be incorporated for public benefit or one or another cultural  or social activities. Any profits generated must be used for the purpose set out in the MOI.

On it’s own, registering a non-profit company doesn’t entitle you to receive grants or donor-funding per se, this is done separately by registering your NPC as an NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) with the Department of Social Development. This may allow you to apply for funding under the National Lottery Board- ka-ching!

It may also be important to note that to become a tax exempt non-profit company you are required to apply separately to SARS and to meet certain criteria, before our friends at SARS will approve your Public Benefit Organisation status and allow you to issue your Section 18A receipts to your generous funders.

We offer the ability to register:

  • a Non-Profit Company with members with a standard MOI
  • a Non-Profit Company without members and a customised MOI
  • a Non-Profit Company with members

We’re happy to help you register your company and to explain any of the variations of the beautiful beast that is about to become your baby.