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Often once off legal services are not sufficient for some businesses. In fact, most businesses that we deal with require ongoing legal assistance to help grow lawful, protect themselves contractual, or safe guard their valuable intellectual property.

Your Own Dedicated Legendary Lawyer

Legal Legends offers 3 different monthly plans. The plans differ purely on the number of hours of legal services you receive on a monthly basis. All plans include the below corporate, commercial, intellectual property, labour services, and more, just ask:

  • Dedicated Legendary Lawyer at your service;
  • Phone/Email/WhatsApp Advice and Support;
  • Contractual Drafting;
  • Contract Reviews;
  • Intellectual Property Reviews and Assistance;
  • Legal Research; and
  • Intellectual Property Protection.

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R1,725 p/m
Perfectly suited for the start-up that's just launched
1 dedicated hour per month of legal services
Dedicated Legendary Lawyer
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R9,200 p/m
24% Saving
For the small business looking to scale
7 dedicated hours per month of legal services
Dedicated Legendary Lawyer
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What our Customers Say

Ian Fourie

Ian Fourie:
Founder of Pluto Education

“Legal Legends has provided me with the experience and expertise needed to get my company on its feet and in the right legal direction.”


Rann Morell:
Founder of Antler Coffee

“It is not often you come across a company with great service. And these guys tick all the boxes. So happy to have used Legal Legends, and will use them in the future.” 

Ryan Bond

Ryan Bond:
Founder of Diamant Classique

“Thank you for your continued efforts. Wish I had contacted you from the onset. I will be sure to do so for any future projects.”

Dane Pretorius

Dane Pretorius:
Founder of Visa Assist

“I am really impressed by the excellent service. I will be sure to refer your firm to everyone I know!”

We are a Proudly South African Award Winning Legal Services Company

Hiil Award
Entrepreneur Magazine
Disrupt Africa
Hiil Finalist
Founders of Legal Legends


Legal Legends has been developed by the founders of LexNove™ as a HandGrenade R&D project still in its beta stage of testing.

As the founders of LexNove™, we are no strangers to blowing stuff up and disrupting the archaic world of legal services, having launched and run LexNove™ from July 2015.  LexNove, the big daddy of legal innovation in South Africa has been featured in Fast Company Magazine as one of the 25 most innovative companies of 2015- no small feat considering the awesomeness of the growing startup ecosystem in Mzansi. Over time, and based on user demands, the offering of LexNove naturally morphed into what has become Legal Legends.

Being trained legal professionals ourselves in Jozi–the Big Law mecca of Africa– we became familiar with the way things have always been done in the corporate legal world. Think bogus expenses that include partner bonuses and equity splits, intellectual property “Kickers”, customised stationery, prime (rented) real estate in high rise Sandton buildings and gourmet coffee and biscuits that are in  never-ending supply.

While we miss the Moccachino’s, the Frappacino’s and the biscuits (especially since we’re now living on Frisco to fund this venture), we realised that these, and many other inefficiencies, were ultimately affecting the people that made the industry turn – the clients, aka you!

By employing hordes of under-paid garden gnomes, harnessing our passion for tech entrepreneurship and changing the way we engage with you in order to better understand your needs, we have been able to bring you Legal Legends, the Africa’s first e-Commerce website for legal services.

Legal Legends gives you access to a wide range of legal services, at fixed prices – the way legal services should be provided-  whilst making sure the quality of the services delivered are of the highest standard and provided at a price that is understandable and carefully aligned to the value we are adding to your precious business or life.

We are self-funded, no investors, no credit card debt or second home loans, which means two things: we’ve eaten a lot of baked beans on toast to get here, but secondly, we answer only to ourselves and our customers.

This allows us to rapidly respond to new market demands, listen to our customers, adapt to changes in legislative requirements, and pushes us to continually innovate our product suite offering, while we take Mzansi’s legal landscape to new frontiers.

We are excited that you have taken the time to learn about who we are and how we are changing the way law gets done in our beloved country, and look forward to walking this path of innovation with you.