Custom Memorandum of Incorporation

A Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) is the primary constitutional document of a company and sets out the rights, obligations and responsibilities of directors, shareholders and others within a company.

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All South African private companies


Yes, to the needs of your company


Drafted by an Attorney of at least 12 years post qualification experience

Common benefits of a Memorandum of Incorporation

FAQ's regarding Memorandum's of Incorporation

Since May 2011, with the enactment of the new Companies Act (2008) the position changed, somewhat. The Memorandum of Incorporation, as read with the Act, became the supreme governing document for all private companies with the effect that shareholders agreements which were inconsistent with the Memorandum of Incorporation of the company were void, to the extent of their inconsistency.

Yes, all companies receive a standard MOI on registering their company, but which MOI only sets out the very basics of what an MOI should contain.

Where a company wishes to take advantage of these alterable provisions, a custom Memorandum of Incorporation is necessary. Although a public document, since the Memorandum of Incorporation is filed with the CIPC after being adopted by special resolution, the Memorandum of Incorporation is the perfect place to regulate all aspects of the company, and to the greatest extent possible, to minimise the regulatory burden on a company.