About the Service

Become a Wisdom Monthly Member and get the best legal value for money.

Unlimited consults, 3 contract reviews and 2 templates per month.

Only R560 p/m for the first 50 members

Unlimited 15 Minute Consults

Unlimited* number of 15 minute online legal consultations for all new matters.

3 Contract Reviews Per Month

Have our legendary attorneys review up to 3* contracts per month.

2 Templates Per Month

Download any 2 templates per month from our ever growing template library.

Cancel Any Time

As it is a month to month membership, you can cancel at any time.

*Consults: Members cannot consult with an attorney on a matter that they have already consulted on.

*Contract reviews: 3 contract reviews for contracts between 1 to 10 pages. For contracts above 10 pages, an extra contract credit will be used up per additional 10 pages.

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"The Netflix for business law"

– Kyle Torrington – Co-Founder

With unlimited online consults on all new matters, our Wisdom Membership pushes law into a new digital frontier.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Simone Naicker

Director – Netbooks Video

“I continue to find care and convenience from Legal Legends. The upfront pricing is fantastic. During the Zoom call session I had, I received exactly the help I needed. Strongly recommend.”

Hank Coetzee

Director – Octobase

“Kyle and his team are nothing but a pleasure to deal with. They are professional, transparent, no-nonsense, street-smart, and efficient. I cannot recommend Legal Legends highly enough.”

Yuta Raubenheimer

Chief Executive – Renico

“Excellent customer service. Quick, affordable, patient. I was really impressed with the services rendered. Definitely a wonderful experience.”

Jason Solomons

Director – NK Works

“When it comes to efficiency, professionalism, friendliness and all-around superior services, I highly recommend Legal Legends. Definitely a legal team worth their salt . This is one of those rare times when an enterprise actually lives up to its name.”