Licensing Agreement

A licensing agreement seeks to regulate a wide range of commercial family of contracts which have, at their core, an asset is licensed to a third party for reward (the licensee) by the owner of the asset (the licensor).

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Most licensing relationships


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Common benefits of a Licensing Agreement

FAQ's regarding Licensing Agreements

  • the software and information technology arena where software is developed and licensed out to for use by the licensee;
  • where goods or products are produced under licence; or
  • use of patented technology owned by the licensor.

By their nature, these agreements are typically fairly complex and bespoke, but there are of course common traits across most licensing agreements.

  • the scope of the license;
  • the territory;
  • monitoring of quality and control;
  • who owns the intellectual property attached to the underlying asset;
  • that the third party under license is entitled to do with the software while under license; and
  • how/when to terminate the relationship.