About the Service

So you have an issue (of a legal sort) and you need to bring in the big guns. Well, our guns are out, even when the sun isn’t. Our Legal Legends are here to draft a letter or respond to a letter on your behalf.

Depending on the number of pages of documents that you provide to us, and that we are required to consider, we have the right package for you.

What is a Lawyer’s Letter of Demand?:


A letter of demand, also known as a lawyer’s letter, is a formal notice written by a lawyer demanding that the person, company or other entity to whom the letter is addressed, to perform a legal obligation or requirement such as rectifying an identified problem, paying a debt, allege defamation and demand an apology, perform in terms of a contract or other legal obligation.

Lawyer’s letters are often sent as a courtesy attempt to get the addressee to perform the legal obligation in order to avoid expensive litigation, and are normally the first step in any legal proceedings.

Although it is almost always a good idea to send a letter of demand before instituting legal proceedings, lawyer’s letters are not always prerequisites before any legal court action.

Most letters of demand will include a deadline in which the legal obligation is required to be performed.