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Company Director Appointment and/or Removal

Same day turn around time

Throughout the life of a company directors will come and go. Whether you are appointing new directors, removing old directors, or a combination of both, Legal Legends has you covered with our same day turn around to attend to your director appointments and/or removals!

Once you checkout, a link to a short form will be emailed to you for completion, which requires certain details of the company, together with the director(s) being appointed and/or removed. From there, we will prepare the required documentation on our side, before sending them to you for signature, and thereafter, filing with the CIPC.

The only documents that we require from your are certified copies of all directors’ Identity Documents, which also include the director(s) which are to be appointed and/or removed. The certified copies must be dated and not older than 3 months.

If you have any queries now, feel free to give us a call on 011 083 8332 or initiate a live chat on the bottom of this page.

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