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Generate a South Africa legally compliant Employment Agreement

Our Automated Employment Agreement Generator is a first of its kind in South Africa. 

Based on your preferences inserted into our simple questionnaire, complete with instructions if needed, and which won’t take longer than 5 minutes to complete, our Magical Drafting Machine™ will automatically tailor a South African legally  compliant Employment Agreement for you, easier than your Grandma’s malva pudding recipe (far easier), and deliver the agreement to your inbox, ready for use, in seconds. The Employment Agreement is delivered to you in Word Document format, so if you wish to make further edits to it, you may easily do so.

Whether you are looking for a simple contract of employment or a more complex one, our simple preference selectors will allow you to generate an Employment Contract suited to you.

100% money back guarantee

If you aren’t happy with the Employment Agreement which is generated, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you have any queries now, or when completing the questionnaire, feel free to give us a call on 011 083 8332 or initiate a live chat on the bottom of this page.

Applicable to One or Many Employees: Choose whether you would like the Employment Agreement to apply to many employees, or just one.

Parties: Who the employer is and who the employee is, along with addresses, contact numbers, and position of the employee.

Commencement Date: The date on which the employment agreement begins.

Probation Period: Whether you would like a probation period to be applicable, and if so, for how long.

Hours and Days of Work: Specify, if applicable, the days that you would like the employee to work, along with the hours of work.

Overtime Pay: If you would like to record overtime pay, you have the choice to include it.

Remuneration: What the employee will be paid, how often, and if a discretionary bonus will apply

Termination of Employment: The notice period required if either/both the employer and employee is required to give in order to end the employment agreement.

Annual Leave: Set the annual leave policy, which is how many days per year the employee will be entitled to take leave. Guidelines on leave days are shown when you are completing the Automated Employment Agreement Questionnaire.

Sick Leave: Set the sick leave policy. Guidelines on sick leave are shown when you are completing the Automated Employment Agreement Questionnaire.

Duties and Obligations of the Employee: Specify what the employee will be required to do in his/her roles as employee.

Indebtedness: If the employee resigns or otherwise leaves the employer in circumstances where the employee still owes money to the employer, the employer is allowed to deduct the monies owing from the employee’s final salary/salaries.

Dispute Resolution: If there is a dispute between the employer and employee, both parties will be required to try solve it informally, if that fails, they may go to mediation, and if that fails, arbitration.

Confidentiality: A clause requiring the employee not to disclose any of the employer’s intellectual property, financial information, technical knowledge, names and details clients and agents associated with the Employer.

Non-Disparagement: A clause requiring that the employee cannot speak badly of the employer both during and after the employment agreement.

Intellectual Property: All intellectual property which is created by the employee while employed, is automatically transferred to, and owned by, the employer.

Restraint of Trade: You have the choice of whether to prevent the employee from competing with your business, and/or from poaching your clients, and/or from poaching your own staff, and/or from using your suppliers. You can also choose for how long you would like the employee to be restrained from doing any of the above.