About the Service

Legal advice on the affects of the Coronavirus on your business

The Coronavirus is unfortunately having an effect on all of us, including our businesses. If you would like legal advice as to how it might/is affecting your business, feel free to book a 15 minute Skype, Hangouts or call with one of our legendary lawyers. The issues might cover the following:


  • the impact of it being potentially considered a force majeure event and its implications on certain of your specific contracts;
  • your employees and their rights;
  • how can I enforce essential contracts of my business despite the Novel Coronavirus scare?;
  • can I agree on certain payment terms with suppliers, customers and otherwise?;
  • what are my options under South African law if I am in serious default of certain obligations?; and
  • aspects such as business rescue, liquidation and the like.

Advice by Hangouts, Skype or telephone call

We cover start-up law, business law, intellectual property or labour law issues.

Once you have checked out, you will be sent a transactional email with a link in it to book the appointment.

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