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What is POPI compliance and how we can assist you

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act) is a new Act which governs the way in which you handle the personal information (such as names, email address, physical addresses) that you collect from others.

POPI Act compliance, also known as POPIA compliance or Protection of Personal Information Act compliance, involves bringing your organisation into alignment with the POPI Act by implementing the correct workplace policies, processes and procedures.

No matter the size of your organisation, all organisations need to become POPI Act compliant.

We have made it super easy for you to become POPI compliant. Below, you can:

  • Take our POPI Checklist Questionnaire; or
  • Shop individual POPI products / services; or
  • Shop our POPI compliance packages.

Not sure where to start?

Take our POPI Compliance Checklist Questionnaire to get an instant snapshot of what you need to become compliant

POPI Compliance Packages

Select a POPI compliance package based on the number of employees at your organisation

Basic Package

Organisations with 1 to 5 employees

Intermediate Package

Organisations with 6 to 20 employees

Legendary Package

Organisations with more than 20 employees

Individual POPI compliance products and services

Shop a range of POPI compliance services such as bespoke or template policies, agreements and information officer registrations

Policies and Agreements

POPI Consent Form

From R950

A Data Protection Policy is a policy agreed to by your clients, suppliers, agents, independent contractors and other external parties if you collect any personal information from them. It is used to obtain their consent to process (use) their personal information.

It is probably the most important of all POPI policies, and regulates the manner in which the personal information you collect from them may be accessed, processed and in some instances shared.

Data Processing Agreement

From R980

If your business requires any outside party to use or store (process) personal information of your clients on your behalf, this requires a written agreement, known as an Operator Agreement or a Data Processing Policy, to be entered into between your business and the outside party that processes the personal information on your behalf.

Privacy Policy

From R500

A website or software application Privacy Policy essential obtains consent from your users to collect and process their personal information. It sets out what personal information you collect from the users of your website or software application, how you use such personal information, and who you share it with.

Data Breach Policy

From R750

Our Data Breach Policy helps you and your employees deal with real or suspected breaches of the data you hold, and makes sure the correct procedures are followed to report and contain any breaches.

POPI Workplace Policy

From R800

Our POPI Act Workplace Policy is a policy which binds your staff members in terms of the POPI Act as to how they are required to treat personal information of your customers that they come into contact with.

PAIA Manual

From R950

A PAIA Manual is a document which sets out how, when and in what instances third parties are able to obtain access to a record held by an organisation.

Employee POPI Consent Form


This template enables your employees to consent to the processing of their personal information by you as employer.


POPI Act Online Training

From R4,600

A 2 hour online training course to help you and your staff get up to speed with the POPI Act.

POPI Impact Assessment

From R5,750

Our POPI Act Impact Assessment / Legal Compliance Report looks at the documents, processes and relationships of your business and provides a report detailing your business’s compliance with the POPI Act coupled with any changes which are needed to be made to ensure compliance.

Registration of Information Officer

From R1,150

All organisations that collect Personal Information need to register one of their personnel as an Information Officer. We’ll assist your organisation in registering your Information Officer.

Review of Agreement

From R1,500

Have one of our expert POPI lawyers review an agreement or policy of yours to determine whether it is POPI Act compliant or whether work needs to be done to bring it in line.

Online Consultation

From R575

Not sure where to start or would simply like to chat with an attorney first about what to do to become POPI compliant?

Why not start with an online consultation.